The 2009 Victoria Prize and Fellowships open today, 11 February, and close on 3 April.

Victoria Prize

The Victoria Prize of $50,000 is awarded annually by the Victorian Government for a scientific discovery or technological innovation, or a series of such achievements that significantly advances knowledge and has produced, or has the clear potential to produce, a commercial outcome or other benefit to the community.

The Victoria Prize was created in 1998 to recognise exceptional achievement in science, engineering or technology. The Victoria Prize celebrates leadership, determination and creativity and highlights the many ways in which research and development of international significance is conducted locally.

Anne & Eric Smorgon Memorial Award
In association with the Victoria Prize, the Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation award the Anne & Eric Smorgon Memorial Award. This award acknowledges the important contribution made by scientific research institutes in Victoria. The $100,000 award is presented to an institute supporting the Victoria Prize recipient in the research work for which he/she is awarded the Victoria Prize.

A separate nomination is not required for the Anne & Eric Smorgon Memorial Award. The winner of the Victoria Prize will be asked to nominate a research institute to receive the Anne & Eric Smorgon Memorial Award.

Guidelines and nomination forms can be found at

Victoria Fellowships

The Victorian Government annually awards up to six Victoria Fellowships to emerging leaders in engineering, science or technology. Each Fellow receives a travel grant of up to $18,000 to undertake a short-term overseas study mission to assist in developing a commercial idea, undertaking specialist training or career development.

Study missions offer Victoria Fellows the opportunity to broaden their experience, develop networks and better understand where their activities fit into the local and international scene. The Fellowship also provides an opportunity for recipients to develop commercial ideas.

Guidelines and application forms can be found at

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