Dear ASC members,

You are invited to come celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809) at Evolution – the Experience.

Evolution – the Experience will be more than just a conference it will be a unique experience. The conference will explore Darwin’s ongoing impact in basic biology, agriculture, medicine, psychology, sociology, politics, history and religion. Take a look at the intellectual feast offered in the conference program. Pursue discipline depth or enjoy the unique opportunity to jump discipline boundaries.

A highlight of the conference will be  a cocktail dinner at the Melbourne Museum - Graze your way through the evolutionary tree – starting with primeval soup; sampling the origins of marine crustacean life; savouring the delicacies represented by the rise of tetrapods and the dawn of the first plants on the land; relish the devilish delights of the dinosaur period and finishing with a devastatingly delicious meteorite impact surprise.

While you dine, you will have the opportunity to explore the exhibits of the museum, be entertained by the National Institute of Circus arts and their spectacular Whale Evolution show and enjoy IMAX film features. This is an extraordinary event not to be missed. Tickets can be booked when registering for the conference or if you just which to attend the dinner click here.

We are offering members of Australian Science Communicators the opportunity to attend this one off conference at the reduced Concession rate of $450 for the full conference. Registrations can easily be completed online via the website, all you need is your membership number – Register Now!

For more information visit the website – or contact the Conference office on the below details.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Conference.

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