ANZCA09: Communication, Creativity and Global Citizenship Conference


QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane, Australia, July 8-10, 2009 <>


Stream conveners: Dr Joan Leach, Science Communication, University of Queensland, Dr Alison Henderson, University of Waikato,

Dr Maureen Burns, University of Queensland


The discourses of crisis that characterize global issues of science, technology and the environment demand further interrogation from a variety of disciplines - including science and technology studies, cultural studies, sociology, and environment studies.


The Science and Environment stream of the ANZCA 09 conference is seeking panels and papers on the communication of global issues of science, technology and the environment. Submissions are sought on issues including, but not limited to:

  • Uncertain futures: What does it mean to talk about ‘risk’ in relation to advances in science and technology? How are societies changing to meet the uncertain demands of new technologies?
  • How can communication theories and practices address climate change and the environment? Scientific and technical controversies?  International scientific collaboration?


  • How do various constructions of the ‘scientific citizen’ (from Alfred Schutz to Allen Irwin and beyond) operate in debates about science, technology and the environment? How do such constructions intersect with the figures of the expert and the science celebrity?


  • (How) do science popularization and other attempts at public engagement imply norms of citizenship, and particular conceptions of democracy in various cultures and contexts? (eg in agricultural imperialism, water management inter alia)


Papers and panels that address specific areas of science and environmental communication such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, agriculture, water management or nutriceuticals are particularly welcome.

Abstracts and papers are due by Friday 5 February, 2009, and should be submitted directly to the ANZCA09 web site at <> . Enquiries about this stream can be directed to Alison Henderson at  or Joan Leach at



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