The awarding of the 2008 Prime Minister’s Science Prizes last Thursday evening was an event that made one proud of Australian science.


Along with a whole lot of other ASC members, and many of this year’s ASC Fresh Scientists, I had dinner with the Prime Minister, Science Minister Kim Carr and 500 of their closest scientific advisers at Parliament House. It was a great evening.


Congratulations to the five award winners. Niall Byrne, who once again did a splendid job with videos and the media, has already posted their details on this list. Not only were all worthy winners, but each of them gave an excellent speech and used the occasion to draw attention to particular strengths and weaknesses of the Australian research system. In addition, much to the surprise of many, the Prime Minister demonstrated potential for a future career as a stand-up comic.


But a special PM’s award should have been presented at the end of the evening to ASC-member and host of ceremonies, Bernie Hobbs. She managed the event incredibly efficiently with a cheeky humour that embarrassed all into doing the right thing.


Congratulations, Bernie from all who were there. You were also a winner!