Build your own Big Bang


At 5.30 pm AEST next Wednesday 10th September, scientists will hit the big green button on the world's largest experiment, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The huge energies given to tiny particles in this experiment will take us closer to the Big Bang than we have ever been before and propel us towards answering questions of Life, The Universe and Everything.

One of the thousands of scientists holding his breath is Dr Kevin Varvell from the School of Physics University of Sydney. "At last we can test some of our ideas about what we are made of!" he says. Some ideas are very solid, some such as mini-black holes less so.

At a public talk next Wednesday evening Dr Kevin and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will be giving the low down on the Large Hadron Collider, colder than deep space, and buried 100 m in the ground in a tunnel 27 km long under the French-Swiss border - as well as streaming live video from CERN.

Date:               Wednesday 10th September at 7pm
Venue:             Slade Lecture Theatre, School of Physics
Presenters:       Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Dr Kevin Varvell
RSVP:              9351 3472

Lara Davis
Science Communications Officer
School of Physics
University of Sydney
Ph: 02 9351 3383

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